Fire Safety

Safety in Case of Fire
  • Locate the nearest fire exit
  • Count the number of doors between the exits and your room
  • Open the exit doors and examine the staircase layout
  • Locate the nearest alarm pull station and fire extinguisher
Inspect Your Room
  • Study the layout of your room
  • Determine how to turn off your air conditioner. In case of fire, this will prevent smoke from being pulled into your room.
  • Read Fire Emergency Information provided, including instructions for reporting a fire, and know the evacuation route for your floor.
  • Always keep your room key handy near your bed.
If You Detect a Fire
  • Try to remain calm
  • Immediately activate the nearest fire alarm. Fire alarms are located in the hallways
  • To keep fire from spreading, close the doors against fire if possible.
  • Dial “9-911” for emergency and tell the operator: • The nature of the problem • Where the trouble is located • How serious it is • Your name and where you are located
  • Take your key before exiting
  • Follow the exit signs
  • Do NOT use elevators
On Hearing the Fire Alarm
  • Take your room key
  • Look through the door viewer to determine if it is safe to vacate your room. Feel the door with the back of your hand. If it is hot, do not open it. If it is cool, open it slowly, looking out for smoke. Be ready to close the door quickly if there are flames or smoke outside, and remain in your room.
  • If fire and smoke conditions are reasonable, exit keeping a wet cloth over your nose and mouth.
  • While moving to the nearest exit, keep close to the walls. If there is smoke, or it is dark, remain calm, stay as low as possible to the floor (the air is fresher at the floor level) and move towards the exit, counting the doors.
  • Exit with caution, test the exit door for heat before opening it and look for smoke and flames. If the stairwell is safe, exit to the ground level. If you are stopped by heavy smoke, go to a smoke free hallway and look for a smoke free exit.
  • DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR If Your Exit is Blocked
  • If the exit is unsafe, return to your room if possible—it is the safest place for you
  • Shut off the air conditioner and fans to seal up vents
  • Stuff wet towels, sheets or blankets under the door and in the cracks around the door to seal the room from smoke
  • Remove all the drapes from the windows
  • For extinguishing and wetting purposes, fill your bathtub with water.
  • Dial “9-911” for the emergency line and tell them your location
  • Wave a sheet at your window. Signal your presence to firefighters.
  • Tie a wet cloth over your nose and mouth for easier breathing
  • Throw water onto hot surfaces
  • Do not break windows unless absolutely necessary

Main Inn Layout

Oceanfront Lodge Layout

All room doors face outward toward the parking lot. In case of a fire, exit your room and head toward the parking lot. If on the second or third floor, take the stairs nearest you and go out to the parking lot.

Newport Building Layout

All room doors face outward toward the parking lot. In case of a fire, exit your room and head toward the parking lot.